Beloved Neighbourhood Bakeries – NYC, LA

Words by Keven Amfo

10 January 2021


There’s nothing quite like a local bakery when you’re seeking a sweet treat – here are our favourites in NYC and LA.

Over the past year, we’ve come to appreciate our local businesses more than ever. Beyond the practical aspects of nourishment or service they might provide, they also serve as a bit of connection during a time we’ve missed our sense of community. Whether you choose to support in person, grabbing take-out, or via delivery, visit these three in NYC and LA for a coffee and treat: we guarantee it will brighten your day, and spark that feeling of connectedness you might be missing.

New York

Épicerie Boulud

Courtesy of award-winning chef Daniel Boulud, Épicerie Boulud is a bakery, marketplace and cafe serving a delicious assortment of French and American pastries and baked goods. The Viennoiserie options, particularly the Pain aux Raisin, are perfectly flaky and buttery – we love the brioche, too. If you’re craving something sweeter, the pastry options are indulgent and truly reminiscent of a Parisian bakery; the Chocolate Mousse has a base of melted Valrhona and is fluffy and decadent.

Sullivan Street Bakery 1

Sullivan Street Bakery

Considered one of New York’s best bakeries for more than 25 years, and now has expanded into five locations across Manhattan (plus one in Miami), Sullivan Street is our go-to for fresh bread. They have approximately ten options daily, so grab a baguette for dinner and a Semi di Sesamo for sandwiches. As for breakfast, their Olive Oil Cake has an incredibly devoted following – the Pain au Chocolat is perfect, too.


This family-owned bakery is very, authentically French, and has three locations in the city. The croissants are superb, and they have some menu additions that can be hard to find in NYC, such as Chausson aux Pommes and Nutella brioche. The pastries – in particular their namesake Mille-feuille and the Éclairs – are delicious and amongst the best in New York. Also, importantly, the coffee is excellent – they use La Colombe Nizza beans.

Seed Bakery 1

Seed Bakery

Los Angeles

Seed Bakery

Specialising in artisan bread using organic hand-milled grains, each loaf at Pasadena’s Seed Bakery is genuinely spectacular. They take it very seriously – and it pays off. Therefore, we recommend ordering something that involves said bread; fortunately, they have toast with peanut butter and honey on the menu, as well as avocado toast. Make sure to take a loaf with you to-go.

République Bakery & Café

Sister to the (bustling) restaurant of the same name, the food at République Bakery & Café is so good it’s hard for us just to recommend the bread and baked goods. Do not miss the Multigrain Bread, and go early as it often sells out. Grab a bag of granola, too, and a slice of quiche, and, if they have it, the Strawberry Passionfruit Cream Pie. Are there still brownies? Make sure you get one of those as well, and the French Normandie butter with fleur de sel – it’s the only butter actually worthy of the toast you’ll make with the Multigrain bread.

Gjusta 1



The market that accompanies beloved Gjusta is stocked full of some of the best items visitors to the restaurant are blessed with eating. Several kinds of bread (the baguettes are almost too beautiful to eat), bagels, focaccia, their infamous Croissant Roll and Tahini Croissant are all available, as is most of their menu for a to-go lunch or dinner at home. If you’d like a pudding, they’re experts at maximising seasonal produce and feature a revolving roster of tarts and galettes depending on what’s fresh at the market.

Gallery image, Sullivan Street Bakery
Image at top, République

For more information on the bakeries we’ve chosen, or to place a delivery order, please contact your lifestyle manager.

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