Group of people sat on the back of a luxury yacht at sea drinking wine and talking with sunset in the background Group of people sat on the back of a luxury yacht at sea drinking wine and talking with sunset in the background

About us

Quintessentially is the world’s leading lifestyle management group. Offering wide-ranging services to enable and enhance every aspect of our members’ lives, we take the concept of luxury concierge to an entirely new level. A single touchpoint with a dedicated lifestyle manager allows unprecedented responsiveness and access for a truly life-changing service.

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Welcome to Quintessentially

Quintessentially has pioneered the concept of lifestyle management.

Built around the singular proposition of bestowing back upon our members the invaluable gift of time, we have spent two decades benchmarking service in lifestyle management and granting access to the inaccessible. 

In an increasingly digitalised world, the personalised one-to-one contact we offer with our lifestyle managers is unrivalled: this lifeline provides a connection to the best on offer across the globe, ensuring every request, big and small, is fulfilled whilst receiving access to the very best.

Our in-house network of experts allows for streamlined and comprehensive lifestyle management. Tapping into this unique ecosystem of advisors and partners, we can take care of life’s fundamental demands, wishes, and needs, offering a complete luxury lifestyle for now into the future.


How we work

Pairing the personal dedication of a lifestyle manager with a massive global network, our service is efficient, individual and comprehensive.

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Committed lifestyle managers

Our lifestyle managers provide a personal point of contact to fulfil each and every request. An intimate understanding of personality and preference serves as the conduit for a life lived to the fullest.

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Discover more about what we do

This in-depth interview between Daisy (membership manager), Khuta (Elite lifestyle manager) with Marc Schippke (member and CEO of Alexander Properties LLS) gives a comprehensive overview of our services. An experienced lifestyle manager’s firsthand insight allows a bold interpretation of the inside of our business.

Our specialist services

Led by experts in each respective field, our specialist services teams execute requests with swift authority whilst always watching for what's next.

Our business services

Beyond the individual, Quintessentially offers services to enhance and grow businesses, too.

Quintessentially Experiences - Brand Specialists

Quintessentially Experiences - Brand Specialists

Quintessentially Experiences utilises Quintessentially’s earned expertise across travel, strategy, events and lifestyle to help brands and businesses better understand, service and engage with their high-value audiences.

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Corporate Collective Membership

Our designated Corporate Team provides members with access to every aspect of the Quintessentially Group’s global offering, wherever business or life may take them.

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Our global network

With over 35 global offices, 51 languages spoken, and 59 nationalities represented, we are the largest luxury global concierge group, offering us unparalleled access to what the world has best to offer.

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Here's what our members have to say

'You have changed our lives in so many ways. We cannot thank you enough.'

'Quintessentially is responsible for my sheer existence. I could not do my job or live my life without them.’

'What would I do without my lifestyle manager? They are practically family.'

'Thank you so much. I really wouldn't know where I'd be without you guys. You are excellent!'

‘Quintessentially provides harmony amidst the chaos of our daily routines, making everything smoother and more enjoyable.’

A considered history

From boutique concierge to a global luxury lifestyle group.

Humble beginnings with the singular aspiration of becoming the world’s leading concierge service serve as a springboard for Quintessentially’s current status. Having amassed a global black book of suppliers, vendors, friends, and more, more than two decades in, we can firmly say: for every request, big or small, anything is possible, and the answer is always yes.

Our earned network of connections provides the platform for fulfilling members’ wants and needs, whilst the backbone of a single point of contact – the lifestyle manager – channels Quintessentially’s DNA as a boutique service, maintaining the personal interrelatedness for which we are known despite our vast operations and extensive global reach.

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Giving back matters.

We take charity seriously, and Quintessentially Foundation facilitates our generosity. Working to incite meaningful change within our communities is a business priority.

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