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Since 2010, we have provided Quintessentially’s leading luxury concierge service and lifestyle management services to Sweden from our base in Stockholm. Our team of dedicated lifestyle managers are on hand 24 hours a day to connect you with the things you love most, and our network of global partners ensures you always experience the best – in Sweden and beyond.


The Swedish sensibility

Sweden has it all: ocean-lapped archipelagoes, frozen landscapes illuminated by the Northern lights, a killer fashion scene, sustainably- minded food, world-leading designers… The list goes on. That’s where we come in.

With so much to experience, our dedicated team ensures you never miss out. We make sure you always get a table at your favourite restaurants, plan tailor-made trips around the world, source items you can’t find anywhere else, secure tickets for sold-out shows – leaving you with more time to enjoy the best that life has to offer.

Languages spoken: English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish

Roger Elfner

CEO Quintessentially Nordic

‘Our Swedish team of experienced lifestyle managers delivers high-quality concierge service and luxury lifestyle management, both in Nordic countries and internationally. Our concierge service elevates your lifestyle.

Are you looking for a sought-after item as a birthday gift? Planning a trip around the world with the family? Or maybe seeking access to a sold-out event this weekend? With our carefully selected partners, you will receive a memorable experience, exclusive offers and access to unforgettable places.’

Quintessentially | Roger Elfner, CEO Quintessentially Nordic

How we've helped our members

'Quintessentially has organised some of the most amazing parties for my family and me. They have provided the most incredible intimate celebrations we can remember. We feel so very privileged to have them help us craft unforgettable moments.'

– Elite member

'It is the smallest things that make the biggest difference, and I can always rely on Quintessentially.'

- Dedicated member

'I'm always up to date with all the new restaurants, thanks to the Quintessentially team who always secures me reservations – under any circumstances.'

– Dedicated member

Local services


Our award-winning in-house travel agency comprises a specialist team well-versed in crafting individualised itineraries to meet any and all travel dreams.

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Restaurants & nightlife

Relationships with the world’s best chefs and restaurants enable exclusive dining opportunities and special new discoveries.

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Exclusive access

Make the most of what life has to offer: receive unprecedented access to coveted global happenings, from sport to entertainment to art.

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Real estate

Property sales, purchases, home management, renting and leasing are just a few of Quintessentially Estates’ expert services.

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Lifestyle services

Relieve the stress of the day-to-day with assistance in everything practical and banal to alleviate the pressures of everyday life.

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We are expert at planning all types of weddings, big and small, from intimate local ceremonies to expansive destination-oriented events.

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Our in-house expert advisory team can assist with each phase of education to maximise every student’s individual potential.

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In addition to receiving complimentary access to the world’s most prestigious art fairs, such as Frieze, The Armory, and Art Basel, Quintessentially offers a comprehensive advisory service for collectors.

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Sweden - Head Office, Quintessentially Nordic

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