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19 January 2024

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Don't let students fall behind this term – here are some tips to best balance academics with fun and wellbeing to stay ahead in school.

Striking a balance between academic commitments, extracurricular passions, and general well-being is a challenge that students of all ages will face this term, with ongoing mock exams, application deadlines, and the looming summer exam season. You'll be pleased to know there are multiple ways you and your family can find a balance this term – from engaging private tuition to enriching summer programmes – and below, we share our expert advice and a range of tailored solutions to help your children get ahead this term.

1. Private tutoring

One-to-one tuition offers a personalised approach to learning, catering to individual learning styles and paces. Designed to work around your family's schedule, tutoring empowers students to learn effectively and efficiently at a time that works best for them - leaving ample time to pursue other extracurricular passions.

Due to its bespoke nature, a tutor can support students in multiple ways, from enhancing their understanding of challenging concepts to developing time management skills to creating and implementing a practical revision timetable. Moreover, with research indicating that a successful revision strategy can account for a 30% difference in how well a student performs on exam day, it makes sense to get the proper support at this vital preparation stage. But beyond exam performance, tutoring and support with an appropriate revision plan can also enhance confidence and alleviate stress and anxiety. 

2. Academic mentoring

However, if your child could benefit from holistic support covering all aspects of their education, an Academic Mentor could be an excellent alternative to private tutoring. When tailored to the student's needs, academic mentoring will keep students on track and motivate them to achieve the very best in their studies. It can offer a space to build confidence in their education and help them progress confidently into the following stages of their life.

Mentors look at the broader picture while considering students' long-term goals, thus working on ideas inside and outside the classroom. From recommending extracurricular activities to developing work experience ideas, they are there to help across all areas.

3. Residential tutoring

For some families, tutoring during term time is impossible due to personal or schooling arrangements. For those families, we recommend a travelling tutor during the school holidays. More formally referred to as residential tutoring, these in-demand educators accompany a family whilst abroad and work around their schedule to create bespoke lessons tailored to each child's educational level and goals. Flexible in nature, lessons might last 2-6 hours per day, and tutors might live in or stay in separate accommodations nearby.

Whatever your preference, taking a tutor away with you during the holidays can help you unwind and relax guilt-free and safe, knowing that your children are busily preparing for the term ahead. 

4. Enriching Summer Programmes

As the academic year progresses, thoughts naturally gravitate to the extensive summer holidays and keeping children entertained. But with thousands of options available, searching for the best programme can often feel overwhelming. So, we have curated a shortlist of some of the most exciting summer experiences across the UK, US, and Switzerland for children aged 4-17 – from day camps in London for the little ones to multi-activity camps in the Alps to expeditions in Alaska. 

Being mindful of upcoming university applications, older students might also be considering utilising their time off to ensure they are as prepared as possible for application season. With our team of experts, we have hand-selected programmes at globally renowned universities in the UK and US to inspire a wide range of students, regardless of their age or future aspirations.

Overall, your child's journey toward academic excellence need not be at the expense of their extracurricular passions and well-being this term. Through expert guidance, tailored solutions, and a holistic approach, students can navigate the academic landscape while nurturing their diverse interests – and we are on hand to help.

To arrange private tutoring or academic mentoring this term, or to explore residential tutoring options for February half-term, simply contact Quintessentially Education by email [email protected] or phone +44 (0)20 3073 6839. To read our exclusive 2024 summer experiences guides, click here.


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